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22 West Fourth Ave. Glenwood, GA


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Mon – Fri:
8AM -12PM & 1 – 5 PM
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22 West Fourth Ave

Glenwood, GA, US.


M - F: 8AM - Noon & 1 - 5PM

Sat & Sun : CLOSED



Serving our Community since 1898.

From the era of the telegraph to today’s fiber optics, we have consistently kept our neighbors, our customers consistently connected.


Experience crystal-clear communication tailored for you. Dive into our range of telephone services and stay connected effortlessly.


Navigate the digital world with speed and reliability. Explore our broadband offerings and elevate your online experience.

Service Area

Discover where we power connections. View our comprehensive service area map and find out if you’re within our reach.

three generations

Our Story

From telegraph lines to cutting-edge fiber optics, GTC has evolved while remaining deeply rooted in our community. Discover our journey of connecting neighbors and pioneering telecommunications for over a century.

  • GTC has transitioned through three generations of private, family-owned leadership, maintaining its commitment to serving their local community by keeping them connected with state-of-the-art technology.
  • From starting with a mere 33 subscribers and a switchboard in a residence, GTC has continuously modernized its services. This includes replacing aerial wires with buried plant systems and integrating forward-thinking technologies like fiber optic cables as early as 1990.
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  • Despite technological advancements, GTC’s heart remains in its close-knit community. Whether it’s Mrs. Adams operating a 24-hour switchboard or the introduction of broadband services to the City of Glenwood, GTC’s decisions have consistently centered around the needs and advancement of its local community.