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Request for Proposals

by | Jan 12, 2024

Answer: See Appendix D – Scope of Work. This file was unintentionally left out of the original bid package. All permits are taken care of by the engineer. 

01/20/24 – Questions:

  • Question: Regarding the plans; When necessary changes arise, what will the process be for authorizing these changes?
    Answer:  Any necessary changes will be authorized will be authorized by the engineering company after consulting GTC if need be.


  • Question: Regarding the installation; What is our window for the location of plowing? In previous projects we’ve done both “Back 5” of Right of Way and have been allowed to plow down the actual roads themselves.

    Answer: Cable will be placed in the background 5’ of the right of way on all paved roads, and dirt roads can be plowed down the road itself. And yes, any other documents will be given along with award of the contract at the pre construction meeting.